BPP Profile Installation Instructions

As of 07/01/2010, the current release of the Host Explorer BPP Profile is 1.10.
See the Prerequisites to determine if this profile will work correctly on your computer.

Clicking this link will start the installation of the profile - BPP Profile Installer.exe
The instructions below will walk you through the installation step-by-step.

The following images are from Internet Explorer 7.0. Other browsers may have slightly different screens.

Download the Profile

After clicking the BPP Profile Installer link above, you will be prompted with the following window.
Click the Run button.

Download Profile

If a 'Security Warning' similar to the one below appears, click the Run button.

Security Warning

The installation should begin with the following window.
Click the Next button.

Profile Setup

The default BPP Profile installation directory is your personal directory on your computer. Depending on how Host Explorer is installed on your computer, you may need to use a different destination folder. See the Installation Notes for help on how to determine your correct destination folder. Once the correct folder has been chosen, click the Install button.

Installation Location

Once the installation completes, click the Next button.

Installation Complete

A new Host Explorer Session using the new BPP Profile will begin when you click the Finish button. You may uncheck the box and start the session at a later time.

Start Using BPP Profile

The BPP Profile is now installed on your computer.
After starting a Host Explorer session using the BPP Profile, verify that the newest profile is in use by opening the Help menu and the About submenu. Click the Session Profile button and a pop-up will display the current BPP Profile version and Host Explorer version.

Verify Profile Version Profile Version

If you do not have these menu choices, you may not have the current BPP Profile installed correctly. Please consult the Prerequisites or contact your IT representative.

A new BPP Profile menu has been added to your Programs menu. You can start a BPP session at anytime by selecting BPP Profile. You may also select BPP Website to visit the BPP Operations Center website home page. The Uninstall menu choice will remove the BPP Profile, settings, and shortcuts. If you uninstall the BPP Profile, you will no longer be able to use the BPP Profile unless it is reinstalled.

Additionally, BPP Profile shortcuts have been added to your computer’s desktop and quick launch toolbar. Clicking either of these shortcuts will start a BPP session.

New Profile Shortcuts On Desktop

Installation Notes

Prerequisites for Hummingbird BPP Profile

Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 - (Some security settings may require Administrative rights to install the BPP Profile)
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Hummingbird Host Explorer 13.0

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How to Determine Your Host Explorer Version

The installation of the BPP Profile is intended for Hummingbird Host Explorer version 13. It will work with higher versions but requires a manual installation.

You can determine your version by using the Host Explorer menu bar.

On the Help menu, click 'About'.
A pop-up window will display the version number of your installation.
If your version number begins with 13 , the BPP Profile should work on your computer.

If you determine that you need to update your version of Host Explorer, please contact your IT representative for assistance. You may also send a blank CD and a written request for Hummingbird Host Explorer 13 to

Texas A&M University Software Evaluation and Licensing Library (SELL)
Mail Stop 3363
College Station, TX 77843

The installation instructions for Host Explorer can be found here, http://hdc.tamu.edu/reference/documentation/?section_id=852

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How to Determine Your Installation Type and Destination Folder

Most Hummingbird Host Explorer installations are configured for each user of the computer to have their personal settings saved in a unique user folder. A few installations are configured for all users to share the same settings. Your IT representative can help you determine your installation type.

To determine your installation type,
Click the Window’s Start button. (Windows XP)
Select Run from the menu choices.
Type %appdata% into the text box and click the OK button.
In the window that opened, verify that you have a folder named Hummingbird. If you do not see a folder named Hummingbird, you probably have an All Users installation.

If you determine that you have an All Users installation you will need to edit the default Destination Folder during the BPP Profile installation. When the ‘Choose Install Location’ window appears, change the part of the Destination Folder path name highlighted blue below to All Users.

Change Installation Folder
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